2nd Crossing/B134.8

2nd Crossing/B134.8

This bridge was built in 1904. The bridge is the longest bridge of the six in the Paw Paw bends. This bridge also crosses the C&O Canal and farm land making it the longest. Later after abandoment, and before the rails were removed the bridge was used to move the schoolhouse from Green Ridge across the river in Maryland over to the West Virginia side. The schoolhouse is now currently their hunting cabin.

A 1966 home movie showing the Blue Mountain Express from Hagerstown to Cumberland through Paw Paw bends. First movie clip shot from train is rounding the curve and crossing the 2nd Potomac bridge. Next exiting Stickpile tunnels west portal, then 3rd crossing with the B&O crossing. The block signal is the east end of the double track at Jerome, and then the 4th crossing at Magnolia. Last clip is a brief glimpse of Maryland Junction. (video from Andy DeLauder)

Looking west from the west end of the 2nd crossing.

Pouring of the bridge piers for the 2nd crossing during railroad construction in 1904-1906.

The recently completed bridge, 1904-1905.

Early photo of the west end of the 2nd. crossing. The C&O Canal appears to be in working order and is crossed here by the WM.

Looking east then back west on two diffrent dates. The first photo was taken on April 23, 1994 and was easily taken, later in Oct 2002, it was difficult to cross the bridge and take the same photo graph because of all the torn bushes and tress that have grown up through the crossties of the bridge.

Atop the 2nd crossing looking east next to an old fire barrel that still remains on the bridge left from the railroad's steam era up until the mid-1950's.

Looking downriver from atop the bridge. The section of the bridge in the foreground was used to store a 400gal. fire barrel, now gone. (Oct. 2002)

View west looking towards the 2nd crossing. This view is from the West Virginia side taken in October 2002.

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