3rd Crossing/B136.0

3rd Crossing/B136.0

Heading east from the bridge over the B&O Low Line leads you across a large fill to the 3rd. Potomac crossing. Here the WM bridge crosses the river and through Maryland to by-pass a bend in the river. The railroad will also cross the C&O Canal which follows the river around the hillside. This bridge is still in good shape today. Only a few crossties are rotten or have been pulled up to keep ATV's off the bridge.

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A 1966 home movie showing the Blue Mountain Express from Hagerstown to Cumberland through Paw Paw bends. First movie clip shot from train is rounding the curve and crossing the 2nd Potomac bridge. Next exiting Stickpile tunnels west portal, then 3rd crossing with the B&O crossing. The block signal is the east end of the double track at Jerome, and then the 4th crossing at Magnolia. Last clip is a brief glimpse of Maryland Junction. (video from Andy DeLauder)

WM's westbound passenger train #3 is pulled by WM Pacific #203. The train is crossing the 3rd river bridge after leaving the "flag stop" at Green Ridge Station. Train Number 3 was scheduled to be at Green Ridge by 1:32 p.m. then head west to its next flag stop at Keifers by 1:42 p.m. The train made other unexpected stops along its route at places such as Doe Gully and Jerome if they were to be flagged down by a waiting passenger. Later in April 1998, the tracks are gone. (May 1952 by William P. Price)

This is the 3rd crossing of the Potomac. This bridge is differnt from the others because it only has three large spans as the others have four. Also the westen end of the bridge is angled and has a slight curve for the tracks that once curved towards Jerome. (April 1998)

Hiked around one-day taking photos of all the bridges. The first of the photos was taken off the bridge looking up the Potomac River. The second is looking down river. (4/21/03)

Up on the bridge looking west up the C&O Canal. (4/21/03)

I hiked down along side the canal to photograph the Maryland side of the bridge as it crosses the C&O Canal. It turned out to be a great photo. This location could one day have a foot bridge across the canal to the railroad trail making a canal/railroad loop trail. (4/21/03)

Looking west at the newly completed bridge, even the canal looks great. Must have really been something to be in this area back then, a lot of activity. (Thanks to Jim Coshun for photo)

Looking east from Maryland onto the WM bridge in May 1971 and then again in April 2003. (1971; Arthur Bloch Photo)

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