4th. C&O Canal Crossing/B141.5

4th C&O Canal Crossing/B141.5

The WM crossed the C&O Canal a fourth time here on a thru-truss bridge. This bridge is just west of the 6th Potomac River Crossing and can be seen from Md Rt. 51 in the winter.

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One of my favorite locations on the WM is here at this bridge. This is also one of my favorite photos as this photo shows the bridge, canal, WM tool shed on the left, and a WM Section House on the right. When I was in Boy Scouts I dug up and old Royal Crown Cola bottle from 1936 on the bank along the WM and canal towpath. (W.R. Hicks photo/Collection of the WMRHS)

On October 2001, I rode my bike west from the bridge here to Fairplay. The right-of-way has really changed when I previously photographed it on 4/12/92. The trees were so small, you could even see the river crossing in the distance. Notice the size off the trees in the first photograph and then compare then to the photo previously taken.

Another view east at the bridge in 1968. Notice the block signals in the distance. (1968, Don Biggs photos)
Looking east at the bridge in 1976. By the time this photo had been taken, the line had been "out of service" for close to a year. Notice the weeds have begun to grow on the tracks since no weed sprayer had ran. This signals in the distance have also been removed. This is one of my favorite locations on the WM. (1976, Don Biggs photo)

A WM validation photo from 1917. This photo also shows the price of the bridge at the time. If I had the money I'd by the bridge and paint it silver and relay the track on it.(WMRHS Collection) Here is the western side of the WM's bridge that crossed the C&O Canal. This photo was taken in 2003 before the trees grew leaves and hid the bridge from view. (2003)

Two photos from down on the canal's towpath looking at the bridge that crossed the canal. The first photo is looking west o the canal at the bridge in 1917. Second photo is looking east from the opposite side of the bridge. If the WM was converted into a railtrail, this would be one of the spots where a loop trail could occur. (Ray Wongus Collection of the WMRHS)&(2003)

A photo taken in 1905 or 1906 at the WM bridge over the C&O Canal. This is the 4th out of 7 crossings that the WM makes over the C&O Canal on its way to Cumberland. I went up to the bridge in early 2003 in hopes of taking a similar photo. This is what turned out, not as bad as I'd thought it'd be.

Three photo at the bridge in 2016, looking east towards tbe river, on the bridge eastward with my kids, and finally west towards the big cut and Fairplay. (August 2016)

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