5th C&O Canal Crossing/B161.0

5th C&O Canal Crossing/B161.0

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Atop the fill near the Mexico Farms Airfield. This photo is looking west towards the river. The right-of-way east and west or this particular location is grown up with brush. This area is cut down as a result of airplanes that fly over this section of the old WM as they attempt to take off or land. (4/26/01)

This is the WM fill that can be seen at Mexico Farms, between the 7th crossing and the WM bridge over the C&O Canal at the B161.0. The Mexico Farms Airfield is to the left of the fill. The second photo is from the road crossing just east of the fill. The WM crossed this road just after crossing the C&O Canal. From here the WM ran west to the Potomac River. (3/02 and 4/01)

Looking east from the west side of former WM bridge No. 161.0 When this photo was taken the original bridge warning sign still stood in good shape. This sign reads "WARNING KEEP OFF THE BRIDGE". Today I bet the sign is gone, having most likely been stolen by a railfan. (4/25/93)

The former bridge over the C&O Canal and later Mexico Farms Road, pictured in March 1987. This is the 4th crossing of the C&O Canal west of Hancock, Md. The rails still appear to be intact in this photo. It is believed they removed it some time later. (Brian Paulus photo)

The WM once crossed Mexico Farms Road here on a bridge. The WM crossed the C&O Canal also which intersects with the road here. The second photo is from the eastern side of the former bridge looking west. A few rails still remain. (4/25/93)

An old WMRY photo of a derailment that occurred in the cut and over the canal bridge here. Notice the crane removing wreck cars has itself tipped over and is off the rails. This cut is just east of the road bridge over the B&O RR at Mexico Farms. Today the tall cliffs of the railroad cut have been removed and now partially fill the former cut. All this work was done for part of the new Warrior Run Power Plant. The power plant now sits over top the right-of-way but tracks could pass to the far right. (derailment photo found by Lindsey Feaster in attic of shed to be torn down)&(4/25/93)

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