6th C&O Canal Crossing/B162.7

6th C&O Canal Crossing/B162.7

South Cumberland area

South Cumberland is a neighborhood in Cumberland through which the WM mainline ran. The WM main came out of Welton Tunnel and crossed the Potomac River for the 8th time before again crossing the C&O Canal at the Hagerstown/Elkins Division marker. From that point the WM ran west passed homes as it crossed Virginia Ave. and River Ave. Just past River Ave. the WM served Brocks Salvage Yard before crossing the C&O Canal yet again. After crossing the canal the WM crossed back over the Potomac River on the 9th bridge before it disappeared into Knobley Tunnel. This section of track west of River Ave. was saved during abandoment to reach the salvage yard here. This went on up until I believe 1997 when the salvage yard closed. In 1998 the tracks were pulled up from Maryland Jct. through Knobley Tunnel, across the Potomac and up to River Avenue. A new road (Canal Parkway) was constructed just to the west of River Ave. and the right of way was bulldozed away.

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Further east the WM leaves homes and crosses the C&O Canal once again. This photo is looking west from that bridge over the canal, If you look closely a telephone pole can be seen in the trees on the left. The right-of-way doesn't seem to bad. I'm not sure who ownes it, my guess would be the city of Cumberland as there was once talk to build a hiking trail thru Knobley Tunnel just west of here. Maybe the trail would connect to the canal here as well. (March 2002)

Looking west from the center of the canal bridge much earlier than the photo above. Still nothing had changed over the years like other places along the abandoned WM. (4/24/93)

The C&O Canal and the WM bridge at milepost B162.7. The Canal is keep in good shape as it runs along the homes. The WM right-of-way sees a similar upkeep. Although this does not apply to the WM east of the bridge. (4/26/01)

An old WM photo taken at the Division boundary. Here is the exact location where the West Subdivision ended and the Thomas Subdivision began. Later in 2001, the post for the "YARD LIMIT" sign is all that remains.

Another view of the bridge looking down the canal towards Georgetown. (4/26/01)

Photograohed in 1993, this photo is looking east from the bridge over the canal. The old bridge "trepass warning" sign still remains sticking up through the weeds. Less than a 1/4 mile is the 8th bridge over the Potomac River and WM's Welton Tunnel. (4/24/93)

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