7th Crossing/B161.8

7th Crossing/B161.8

This section of the abandoned WM will mostly likely never again see rails nor even a rail trail. This section of right-of-way has been separated by two major obstacles. The first being the Warrior Run Power Plant that has been placed atop the right-of-way between here and North Branch. The second major obstacle is the Cumberland Municipal Airport. After the majority of the West Sub was abandoned in May 1975, the section of the WM between North Branch and the yards at Cumberland still remained in service up until Januray 1976. This remaining section was abandoned to construct a new runway at the airport. Welton Tunnel was sealed at the west portal with cinder blocks and the eastern approach was still down in the remainder of the deep cut surrounded by the two runways. It stayed this way for a long time until recently when the airport was forced to cover over the east portal and the cut at the east portal due to new FAA regulations. Before this the airport manager said that the east portal was down in the deep cut hidden from view as a result of trees on the right-of-way.

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Here is the WM right-of-way looking west at the fill for the new airport runway. This was the approach for the east portal of Welton Tunnel. A deep long cut once ran to the tunnel portal. Today the fill on the opposite side of the new runway has been filled in and the tunnel portal covered over. (4/26/01)

This is the new route for the road that once passed under the 7th Crossing bridge. Westbound signal B161.8 was located here. Today a big chunk of the right-of-way has been removed. Notice the airport runway fill in the distance, it was the reason that this section of the WM was removed from service.

This is the road that used to run under the bridge on the West Virginia side. Now part of the right-of-way fill west of the bridge has been removed for a new section of the road that by-passed the WM bridge. A boat ramp is located here today. (4/26/01)

Down along the river looking up at the WM bridge from the West Virginia side. It would have been a nice location to photograph a westbound Western Maryland train. (4/26/01)

Up on the WM right-of-way from the West Virginia side and then the Maryland side of the bridge. The crossties were probaly removed in 1976 when this section of the WM was abandoned to construct the new runway at the Cumberland Municipal Airport. (4/26/01)

A construction photo of the new bridge taken is either 1904 or 1905. This photo was taken from the Maryland river bank, on the upriver side of the bridge. Later in 2001, from the same side of the bridge, the bridge is no longer used.

Looking at the down river side of the WM's 7th crossing. Doesn't look in too bad of condition, although the bridges shadow reveals the missing crossties. (4/26/01)

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