NAME :   Brian Paulus
ADDRESS :   8222 Athena Ln Severn, MD.21144
DATE :   1/21/2007
COMMENTS :   Grew up along side WM Main in Oldtown; railtrail would be great, clearing out foliage and restoring look it had while in use by WM.
NAME :   Patricia Macomber
DATE :   Jan 2007
COMMENTS :   Interested in anything on Cherry Run West Virginia thanks
NAME :   Brandon Smith
ADDRESS :   Fairfield, PA
DATE :   January 6, 2007
COMMENTS :   Restoring the old Western Maryland Railway line to a hiking and biking trail will provide individuals with an outdoors route showing them the beautiful landscape of the Paw Paw area. It will also help preserve the history of the once great rail line that
NAME :   Herb Henry
ADDRESS :   4308 W Sevilla St Tampa, FL 33629, formerly of Cumberland and rider of the C&O Canal and the High Allegany Trail from PIT to Cum
DATE :   01/02/07
COMMENTS :   Thanks for the great oictures will be riding trail again in 06/07 with several former CUM folks
NAME :   Todd Groesbeck
ADDRESS :   1159 Outer Circle Hagerstown, MD 21742
DATE :   12/28/06
COMMENTS :   This is a great idea!
NAME :   Charles Zeller
ADDRESS :   13329 Prospect Rd. Strongsville, Ohio 44149
DATE :   12-20-06
COMMENTS :   This is indeed a very expensive and beautiful treasure that cannot be allowed to fade from existance.
NAME :   James M Walker Jr
ADDRESS :   1510W. Mt Harmony Road Owings Maryland 20736
DATE :   12 15 06
COMMENTS :   My family and I are avid bike riders and we ride as a whole family (5 of us) We have ridden as a family for years and one of our favorite places is the WMRT. An extension of this trail would bring much needed jobs and dollars to this part of western maryl
NAME :   Pattie Suraci
ADDRESS :   Shady Side, MD property owner at Magnolia Bend, WV
DATE :   12-11-06
COMMENTS :   This is clearly a grand oportunity to develop a world class recreation trail.
NAME :   Steven vonBriesen
ADDRESS :   Shady Side, Maryland also property owner near Magnolia Bend, WV.
DATE :   12-11-06
COMMENTS :   Rare oppotunity for Govt, officials to preserve cultural, historic and scenic byway!! Act now!
NAME :   George Minnick
ADDRESS :   370 Taylor Ave. Glen Burnie MD 21060
DATE :   12/07/2006
NAME :   James McGinnis
ADDRESS :   31 Wilson Drive, Lancaster PA, 17603
DATE :   Nov. 30, 2006
COMMENTS :   This old railroad line would be a marvelous rail trail. The myriad tunnels and bridges are too valuable to allow to fall into further disrepair or dismantle. The existing Western Maryland Rail Trail, from Big Pond to Orleans, is beautiful and very popular
NAME :   Sean Fearns
ADDRESS :   6160 Darleon Place, Alex, VA 22310
DATE :   11/17/2006
COMMENTS :   Kudos for the website and the effort to save the rail line as a hike/bike trail. In full support!
NAME :   Nicholas Brockunier
ADDRESS :   7800 Sunnehanna Court Port Tobacco, Md 20677
DATE :   11/15/06
COMMENTS :   This proposal is very appealing and should add a great deal to the hiking and other possibilities along the former Western Maryland Railway. Good luck!
NAME :   dave lepkowski
DATE :   11/14/06
NAME :   Victor D. Hughes
ADDRESS :   19211 Tattershall Drive, Germantown, MD 20874
DATE :   11/08/06
COMMENTS :   Excellent site, I dont mess w the computer unless at work. I seem to have a similar history, camping along the WM w scouts in the 70s. I have always had a thing for the WM, must be the single track w sidings, which also put them out of business! My buddys
NAME :   robert richter
ADDRESS :   12 pleasantview dr sicklerville nj 08081
DATE :   10-17-06
COMMENTS :   we ready to to do the va. creeper trail. build and it we be there. which ways staying over night =tourist dollars, jobs etc..
NAME :   Mike J. Mullins
ADDRESS :   P.O. Box 168 St. Albans, WV 25177
DATE :   8/28/06
COMMENTS :   Ive been a long time reader/viewer of this site, and Im all for a rail-trail.
NAME :   Eric Lord
ADDRESS :   RR 5, Box 584 Keyser, WV 26726
DATE :   24 SEP 06
COMMENTS :   For the political powers to be, this is a no-brainer from every aspect.... PUT IT TOGETHER!
NAME :   Charles S. Gantt
ADDRESS :   1100 Circle Drive Halethorpe Md. 21227
DATE :   9/16/06
COMMENTS :   I only learned about this site today and I think it is really great. Helps to explain a lot of what went into building the WMRR. Couldnt have been much more work then creating this website. This is great, keep up the good work as long as you can so ever
NAME :   paul Meijer
ADDRESS :   1438 Geranium Street NW Washington DC 20012
DATE :   09/08/06
COMMENTS :   I made already a contribution to a lady in VW. I am glad to do more
NAME :   Paul Wm. Faulkner
ADDRESS :   5936 Mineral Hill Road Sykesville, Maryland 21784
DATE :   09/06/06
COMMENTS :   I would love to retrace my grandfathers footsteps. He was an engineer on the Wild Mary in the 1920s. As a Boy Scout I would conoe the Potomac or bike the C&O canal when the Western Maryland was still operating through that area. It would be great to have
NAME :   mark bartles
ADDRESS :   539 guilford ave hagerstown md 21740
DATE :   9-2-2006
NAME :   Larry Black
ADDRESS :   3831 Parade Blvd. Erie, Pa.
DATE :   9-2-06
COMMENTS :   would be a great addition to the trails already in the area. I love r.r. tunnels
NAME :   Liz Kirchner
ADDRESS :   3702 King Arthur Road Annandale, Virginia
DATE :   August 22, 2006
COMMENTS :   Thank you for this terrific web site: history, sociology, ecology, engineering, geography all rolled into one.
NAME :   Jim Hopkins
ADDRESS :   13015 Midsummer La Bowie, MD 20715
DATE :   07-31-2006
COMMENTS :   Having hiked and biked many times over the years in the area, the idea of a rail trial in the Paw Paw area would be a spectacular addition to the CO Canal Towpath. I Have also canoed through the area and can attest to the awesome scenery along this route.
NAME :   James T. Harper
ADDRESS :   26 Buttonwood Lane Carlisle, Pa. 17015-7802
DATE :   7/28/07
COMMENTS :   This area is so beautiful and should be available for more people to see and enjoy its breath taking beauty. Please do all you can.
NAME :   Michael Kreiser
ADDRESS :   Rabenauer Str. 29 01159 Dresden GERMANY
DATE :   07/25/2006
NAME :   Alan Herr
ADDRESS :   Austinburg, OH
DATE :   7/12/2006
COMMENTS :   What a great opportunity to preseve a piece of history.
NAME :   Brian Paulus
ADDRESS :   8222 Athena Lane Severn, Md. 21144
DATE :   7/7/06
COMMENTS :   Love to see the RW cleared of foliage for railtrail. Spring Gap to West End/6th Xing would be an easy section to put in;connecting 2 canal campsites.
NAME :   William R Riley
ADDRESS :   110 Rosemead Ave Sinking Spring, Pa 19608
DATE :   6-21-06
COMMENTS :   A rail trail through the Paw Paw Bends of the Potomac would be a very welcome addition and would encourage visitation and tourism from a wide area. With the completion of the Great Allegheny Passage from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Md , the proposed Paw Paw
NAME :   Karl Lukaszewicz
ADDRESS :   14 Mcarty Ct Sterling, VA 20165
DATE :   May 27, 2006
COMMENTS :   I recently biked the Great Allaghaney Passage in PA. It was great but it would be better if we had some thing like it closer to DC. The C&O canal which I have also biked twice is very nice, but you dont see as much scenery as you do from the rail trails.
NAME :   Jeff Smith
ADDRESS :   491 Meadowlark Lane Manheim, PA 17545
DATE :   4/28/06
COMMENTS :   The route of the WM is very scenic as well as an awesome display of engineering. I enjoy biking on rail trails and hope to explore the trails in MD some day. I strongly supprt construction of these trails.
NAME :   Raymond Burnheimer
ADDRESS :   265 schoolhouse hill rd. fayetteville pa 17222
DATE :   03/27/06
NAME :   Chuck Kesner
ADDRESS :   1824 N. Washington Ave. 3206 Royal Oak, MI 48073
DATE :   3-4-06
COMMENTS :   My dad was from Cumberland and my mom from Parsons. I remember going back to those places every summer from our home in Michigan. What a treat to see the pictures. Brought back many memories. Thanks