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Just one of the many cuts at the western end of the WMRT. This cut is between the B124 and the B125. (Spring 2003)

These three photos were submitted from David Lawrence Scally and taken near the B124 milepost east of Tonoloway around April 1987. The photos show the damage of a prior landslide that closed what was to be know as "Old Deneen Road". Deneen Road was bypassed around the landslide and most of the eastern part of the road was abandoned west from the WM road crossing to the east of this location. Again its 1987 and the tracks are still down from Big Pool Jct. to Tonoloway. The first photo is looking west towards Tonoloway, and the next two eastbound and trackside. (David Lawrence Scally photos)

Looking east along the C&O Canal and WMRT at an old pair of block signals. (Spring 2003)

Looking west at the B124 milepost. (Spring 2003)

These two photos were taken by J. W. France down along the WMRT below Great Cacappon overlook. A replica of a railroad watch house is now located at the B123.8. This shed was a Eagle Scout project sponsored by Fort Frederick State Park. The stove pipe of the original WM watch house. This was found about 75 feet west of new watch house.

Photo taken by my father Mason Cooper from Great Cacappon Overlook. From here you can see the B&O tracks and the WM. My father said that this section was later used to store excess trailer-train flat cars when it was taken out of service by the Chessie System. If you look closely you can see the original telephone booth along the WM. It was later destroyed and a replica was built pictured below. The second photo was taken in Oct. 1997 and still looks pretty much like this today. Only today you can see parts of the Western Maryland Rail Trail thru the trees.

From atop Prospect Peck, WV. along Rt.9 on Nov. 3 1998, a CSX rail train is shoving west on the WM main across the Potomac River from great Cacapon, WV. The track in 1998 was still all the way intact to Tonoloway where the original track removal of the WM west sub had ended in 1976. (photo by Brian Paulus)

Riding west down on the WM below Great Cacapon Overlock in Spring 2003. This is the location in the previous photo with the CSX railtrain.

When riding or walking west from Deneen Rd. you will pass through a few rock cuts nearby the B123 milepost. I took this photo in Spring 2003.

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