Fairplay/B143 Fairplay/B143

Zoom is all the way on the green arrow in the map below to see cross ties still in place at the siding from the satellite image.

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The remains of WM boxcar 495936 are along the siding just west of the B143 milepost. The main track was on the right up on the elevated ballast while the siding was on the left where many off the crossties still remain. (April 2003)

Here are some remains of a boxcar I found while walking along the siding at Fairplay. According to WM's Freight Car Book it is a Class B-36 boxcar. I found it along the west end of the passing/storage track at Fairplay. It was never removed when the rails were pulled up, perhaps by a loyal WM employee. Road number of the boxcar is 495986. (6/96)

The B143 milepost is midway along the Fairplay Siding. The first photo is looking west and the second east. Notice a piece of rail still remains on the siding in the second photo. (April 2003)

The WM curves around the hillside while on a slight incline approaching the B143 milepost. (April 2003)

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