B146 Milepost

B146 Milepost

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Fallen pole at the signal base from WM eastbond signal number 146.6. Second photo is a typical retaining wall on the WM east of Towncreek along the canal. (4/25/93)

WM signal base for signal 146.6 and the ruins of the battery cellar were photogrpahed here along the trail and canal. (April 2003)

Looking east in the vicinity of the B146 milepost. It's a weekend in 1976 and the rails are being pulled during the week by contractors. In this photo the spikes have already been pulled in preperation for lifting the rails. (1976, Don Biggs photo)

Looking west from the B146 milepost. This part of the abandoned WM is grown up the most. (April 2003)

This retaining wall is still in great shape just east of the B146 milepost. (April 2003)

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