B148 & B149 Mileposts

B148 & B149 Mileposts

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Just east of Long's Cut the WM parallels the C&O Canal and passes the B149 milepost. If you look very closely at the second photo you can see the original paint from the steam days. The post was once all black with bigger white numbers. These bigger numbers can still be seen as small bumps of remaining white paint. (April 2003)

Another shot looking at the B149 milepost. My bike is parked facing west on the WM. (April 2003)

WM rails looking west along the C&O Canal near signal 148.9. This photo was most likely taken in the the 50's as there are still semophores up instead of block signals. I took a photo of the right-of-way near the previously location from the canal towpath. (4-12-92)

The WM right-of-way along the C&O Canal just west of the B148 milepost. The WM closely parallels the C&O Canal until it curves towards Long's Cut and Oldtown, Md. The second photo displays the signal base that once held WM signal #148.9. The roadbed had eroded away and now the signal base and a power pole lie practically in the canal. (11/02 - 4/03)

I photographed WM's B148 milepost along the trail as I rode my bike west towards Oldtown. (April 2003)

Along the canal looking east on the WM. (April 2003)

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