B158 Milepost

B158 Milepost

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This is the WM right-of-way as it exits today. The cut on the right disappears the further you walk west. A large chunk of the right-of-way has been totally removed just around the bend. This was done when Maryland Rt. 51 was widened in the early 80's and the majority of the WM right-of-way west of here to North Branch was removed. Only a short narrow strip about 3-6 ft. wide is all that remains. From up on the railroad bed you can easily view the C&O Canal's Lockhouse #72 and Md. Rt. 51. The Potomac is just on the other side of the canal. (2-4-2003)

Walking the WM right-of-way east from the narrow strip remaining today into the rock cut as it leaves MD. Rt. 51. The second photo is from the center of the cut looking back west. (2-4-2003)

Just top the east of the cut looking west than back east towards Spring Gap. The cut here is very impressive and a few rocks have fallen into the cut. (2-4-03)

These two photos were taken at the third road crossing west of the WM overpass at Spring Gap. This road or old right-of-way now leads to the cut in the photos above. (4-26-2001)

The WM crosses Collier Run Road at the western end of a rock cut. The first photo is looking west from the road in 2013. The B158 milepost is here beside a rail in the ground that once held the cross bucks for the road crossing. If you look closely at this milepost you can see both the steam and diesel era paint scheme and lettering. (March 9, 2013)(December 1998)

Looking east in the cut at one of the more open areas where rock slides, dumped trash, and fallen tress don't block the view of the roadbed. This is about halfway into the cut. (3-9-2013)

The WM roadbed as it looked in March 2013, some 37 years after the rails were lifted when but out of service. The first photo is looking east from the Kirk Hollow Road crossing. My son John was walking with me east on the fill from Kirk Hollow Rd. Maryland Route 51 can be seen down from the cut, I wonder if there are any photos of a train on this fill that were taken from the road? I would think it be a quick location to snap a photo of a train during a chase. (3-9-2013)

Looking west from the eastern side of the fill at Kirk Hollow Road. The second photo is at a house that sits up along the WM between two cuts in the hillside just east of Spring Gap overpass. (3-9-2013)

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