B&O crossing/B136.3

B&O crossing/B136.3

This steel thru-truss trestle was built in 1906 by The Pennsylavania Steel Co. to replace a former wooden trestle shortly after construction. This bridge crosses over the abandoned B&O Low line just around the bend from the East End of the Jerome passing siding. The bridge is also a mile west of the current B&O/CSX tracks. This is bridge number 136.3 on the Western Maryland. The bridge is a custom design built specificy for this angled crossing of the B&O. The crossties on the bridge are banked for the WM rails along the Fast Freight Line.

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A 1966 home movie showing the Blue Mountain Express from Hagerstown to Cumberland through Paw Paw bends. First movie clip shot from train is rounding the curve and crossing the 2nd Potomac bridge. Next exiting Stickpile tunnels west portal, then 3rd crossing with the B&O crossing. The block signal is the east end of the double track at Jerome, and then the 4th crossing at Magnolia. Last clip is a brief glimpse of Maryland Junction. (video from Andy DeLauder)

This is the western end of WM bridge 136.3 over the B&O. (April 2003)

Constructing the WM trestle from the 3rd Potomac bridge to the B&O. This trestle would remain until eventually covered over by fill dirt that would be gradually dumped over the side to create the fill that remains today. In the second photo it appears that the bridge is still being built on site. (1904-1905)

Looking east in 1978 at the bridge shortly after the rails were lifted. Another view of the bridge from the hillside. It would have made a great photo to catch a train rounding the bend and crossing the bridge. (1978, Don Biggs photo)(April 2003)

A WM validation photo of bridge 136.3 taken to record railroad structures. At this time the B&O tracks were still down and perhaps the Magnolia Cutoff was not built at this time. Later in the early 1980's Mason Cooper photographed the same bridge, and by then the B&O tracks are gone.

From the center of the WM bridge looking west. Notice how steep the banking is on the bridge for the tracks. This was done so faster speeds could be maintained in the curves. (April 2003)

Down on the B&O looking west at the bridge. It's hard to see now but the side of the bridge reads WESTERN MARYLAND RAILWAY in black speed lettering on pealing silver paint. (April 2003 and February 9, 2014)

A construction train heads west on the B&o passing under the newly completed WM bridge. The train will use the WM/B&O connection just ahead to reach WM rails. When this photo was taken it appears that the fill is completed. I took the second photo in April 2003 at the eastern end of the bridge at the fill. Both posts for the bridge "trespass warning" signs still remain today. although the actual sign has been removed.

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