Cherry Run/Miller(B&O)


Cherry Run was a connection and interchange point with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The WM had a small yard at Cherry Run that was served by WM freight trains that had stopped a Big Pool, dropped their train, and backed down to the yard to set off or pickup cars from the B&O. In the early steam days there was also a wye maintained here along with a joint WM/B&O station. Today Miller Tower is gone. It was closed by CSX and now sits in several pieces at the Martinsburg roundhouse. Miller Tower once controlled the interlocking with the WM and B&O's low line and mainline. B&O's low line is the original route of the B&O, later B&O built a new "shorter" route but it has steeper grades. The old route runs from Millers to West Cumbo.

A WM coal train with an F7 and F7B are on the WM and about to pass Miller Tower and enter WM rails at Cherry Run. (Mason Cooper photo)

A WM train led by F7 60 head off the B&O and onto the WM at Miller Tower. This WM train is running over the B&O due to the West Sub between Connellsville and Big Pool had since been abandoned to thru trains. (Mason Cooper photo)

Mason Coopermhas photogrpahed WM 36 in Chessie colors as the engineer receives orders from the operator at Miller Tower. I caught a CSX coal train coming off the B&O and up the WM, one day when I went to Cherry Run to photograph trains there. Seems like when I'm stuck on the West Virginia side of the river, CSX decides to run 4 trains over the WM. Why can't this happen when I'm waiting at Big Pool?

WM 7445 now renumbered into the Chessie roster as 7546 passes alongside the WM tracks on the B&O heading eastbound on the B&O low grade line bound for West Cumbo. (Mason Cooper photo)

The WM train has stopped for a B&O eastbound lead by B&O GP38 4806 to pass and clear the switch at Miller Tower. Notice the pulp wood cars in the train, they are most likely from Hancock, MD on a section of the WM West sub left intact after abandonment. That section is now the WM Rail Trail. (Mason Cooper photo)

A CSX eastbound is crossing over from Main 2, over Main 1, over the low line, and onto the former WM at Cherry Run on 10-8-2017. Next as CSX westbound that has been creeping up Main 1 gets the signal after the eastbound has cleared onto the WM.

A CSX train is coming off the B&O and onto the WM at Cherry Run on 2-1-14. The same train is seen crossing the icy Potomac River next. The track layout has changed when the B&O position light signals were replaced with the signal bridge seen here. The WM track and small yard that ran east along the B&O towards miller Tower was removed and a connection to the B&O moved to this signal bridge. The former WM roadbed can be seen in the first photo running straight along on the right of the pole line past the signal bridge.(2-1-14)

West to Sleepy Creek
Cherry Run on the WM
East to North Mountain.