Cumberland Shops(B&O)

Cumberland Shops

Some WM geeps being retired, all sitting behind the B&O Locomotive Shop. These track ran along the side street up to Virginia Avenue. I can remember seeing WM units parked here when I was a little boy. (Don Biggs photos)

WM 7473 and 7495 sit at the B&O turntablein Cumberland, now owned by the Chessie System. There road humbers have changed from the "4" to at "5" in their road number to fit into the current Chessie numbering system. (Don Biggs photos)

Four photos of four WM ALCO RS3's sitting behind the Cumberland Shops along the street. (Don Biggs photos)

ex. WM SD35 7435 sits on the track behind the shop building with other locomotives awaiting their decommission and disposition. Wish there was something I coulda done to save, purchase this locomotive. (October 1995)

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