Cumbo Yard/West Cumbo(B&O)

Cumbo Yard/West Cumbo

Former WM SD40 No.7445(renumbered to 7545 by Chessie) and a Chessie System loco move a string of coal in the Cumbo Yard. I believe at the time of the these photos, no coal was going east of here to Conrail tracks due to the Chessie System, B&O/WM merger would have all traffic now interchanging at Hagerstown. (Mason Cooper photo)

Looking east down the former Cumbo Yard and connection to the CVRR/PRR also pictured above. In the two above photos a wooden bridge crossed the yard where as today a grade lever crossing replaced the bridge. The signal track no longer crosses Interstate 81 to reach the CVRR/W&W RR. this track is used to service the Quad Graphics Printing plant that is along I-81. (2-1-14)

WM F7 No.66 rounds the bend from Martinsburg and heads west passing West Cumbo Tower on the B&O mainline. Look at the condition the mainline track is in! The single track running behind the tower leads to Cumbo Yard and the CVRR(Conrail at the time). (Mason Cooper photo)

The eastbound Amtrak Capital Limited/P030 is nearing the former site of the W Tower as is passes under the new CSX signal bridge. (2-1-14)

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