Knobley Tunnel(B&O)

Knobley Tunnel

Knobley Tunnel was built and opened in 1904. The tunnel is 4,160 ft. long and wide enought for double track. There is a slight curve near the east portal of the tunnel.

The west portal of Knobley Tunnel looking east into towards the tunnel. The tunnel is straight on this side and has a slight curve as it nears the eastern end. (Cody Haer photo)

Two photos inside B&O's Knobley Tunnel. The tunnel is brick lined and water drips from the ceiling and pours down holes in the walls. Red and white calcium deposits cover the brick walls. (Cody Haer photos)

An "escape" in B&O's Knobley Tunnel. Notice all the calcium deposits built up on the brick as if white brick was used in construction. (Cody Haer photo)

More photos of the water and calcium buildup inside Knobley Tunnel. (Cody Haer photos)

East portal of B&O's Knobley Tunnel. Looks as if the drainage ditch was opened up a bit off to the right. Also notice some old front porch chairs perhaps above the tunnel portal that were once used for watching trains long ago? (Cody Haer photo)

Looking west into the cut and towards the east portal of B&O's Knobley Tunnel. As you can see, someone has filled in the eastern approach to the tunnel with a tremendous amount of dirt. Its as if the right-of-way was covered over to make way for a building of some sort street level to the road nearby. (12-21-13)

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