Winchester(B&O)/Mile 31.7

Winchester/Mile 31.7

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A CSX eastbound train enters the Winchester while another CSX locomotove in an early CSX paint scheme is parked on the main near the station.

CSX GP38 2049(former B&O 3849) runs alongside East Lane in Winchester, crossing Boscawen Street. Next we see Chessie 2065 running long hood forward at the same location.

Chessie System/WM GP40-2(former No.4317) is parked at the Winchester Station waiting for next crew/assignment. (April 1992)

W&W RS11 863 passes CSX GP40-2 6436(former B&O 4422) just east on the Winchester Station.

Former N&W geep passes the feed supply in a rain shower as it heads for home rails at WW Junction. W&w 863 and 709 do some switching in the CSX Winchester yard before taking a train east to the former CVRR line now operated by the Winchester & Western RR.

CSX 2568 is on the end of a set of locomotives parked near the Winchester Model Railroad Club building. it is 2014 and the feed supply building nearby has been torn down and some offices are under construction. some tracks were removed that once served some business off the yard. The track the 2568 sits on was cut back and ties replaced to park locomotives on.

W&W 709 brings a train through the Winchester yard on its way to W&W rails at CV Jct. The building on the right of the train was the former B&O freight house, now the Winchester Model Railroad Club.

Former WM GP40 3799, now CSX 6573 is doing some switching in the yard. (Mason Cooper photo) i photographed 2 WM covered hoppers being used in sand service most likey from the quarry south of Middletown, VA. (1997)

CSX 6456 brings a train west through the yard in Winchester and WM 3797 lays over at night. (WM photo by Mason Cooper)

Former W&W RS11 No. 863 has been sold and a "DL" painted above its number here as it waits to leave beside the Zero Pak building in Winchester. The 863 is going to the Delaware Lakawana with RS11 351, perhaps other ALCO's from W&W. Notice former Conrail 7572 is in route to the W&W, kinda swapping out ALCO's for EMD.

Chessie 6631 and an RF&P unit enter the east/north end of the yard tracks at Winchester.

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