Bevan Bend/B141

Bevan Bend/B141

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Been over here in 1997 and at that time there had been alot more trees growing along the right-of-way. Today some of the roadbed in the foreground has been removed for a road to reach a river lot nearby. Although I didn't like that they removed the roadbed, but at least it took care of the trees that had began to grow. This photo was taken just off the 6th Crossing bridge looking east into the deep cut at Bevan Bend. (April 2003)

Down in the cut at Bevan Bend in April 1997. It was an early spring and the trees have hidden most of the cut. The first photo looks west and the second looks back east. (4/30/97)

This WM Valudation photo shows the overhead bridge for the road that used to be here in the cut. The B141 milepost once stood near here on the right. The overhead bridge and milepost are gone today. Only a few mileposts are missing such as the B120, B131, and here at the B141. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren hart for photo) (April 2003)

Looking east from the former road crossing near the center of the tracks that once ran through Bevan Bend. This road crossing replaced a former overhead wooden trestle that carried the road overtop of the tracks. The bridge is gone today and I cannot find a trace of where it once was unlike the one that crossed at Spring Gap. (April 2003)

The WM curved west through a slight curve as it ran west off of the 5th Crossing bridge. The right-of-way has been kept up quite well. (April 2003)

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