1950 topo map

Looking west towards Dan's Mountain about 1911 between the GC&C and C&P Railroads. The concrete overpass pictured below on the C&P can also be seen here on the right (C&P Eckhart Branch). (Thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

Looking towarxs and inder the trestle of the GC&C RR then at the stone underpass for Winchester Road under the C&P Eckhart Branch. (Photo Courtesy of State Roads Commision of Maryland)

C&P's Eckhart Branch, Winchester Road bridge is photographed here shortly before demolition for highway construction. Notice the old truck parked atop the bridge on the right-of-way advertising a golf course. When this bridge was torn down, the demolition crew had a very hard time. There was and extremely large number of steel beams cast into the concrete. (1968, Don Biggs photos and info)

Here's a newspaper clipping and photo of the C&P bridge at Winchester. The article was from 1971 during the first day of the demolition of the bridge. Looks as if the dirt approach to the bridge was first removed then the bridge was simply beat down into pieces as it was removed. Funny that the same company who constructed the bridge also was contracted to demo the bridge, you think they would have known what it was goin to take to remove the bridge. (Article submitted by Cody Haer)

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