Cherry Run/B106-B&O Connection

Cherry Run/B106-B&O Connection

Cherry Run was a connection and interchange point with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The WM had a small yard at Cherry Run that was served by WM freight trains that had stopped a Big Pool, dropped their train, and backed down to the yard to set off or pickup cars from the B&O. In the early steam days there was also a wye maintained here along with a joint WM/B&O station. Today Miller Tower is gone. It was closed by CSX and now sits in several pieces at the Martinsburg roundhouse. Miller Tower once controled the interlocking with the WM and B&O's lowline and mainline. B&O's lowline is the original route of the B&O, later B&O built a new "shorter" route but it has steeper grades. The old route runs from Millers to West Cumbo.

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A coal train is coming off the B&O and up the WM connection to Big Pool. The second photo is a WM hopper car in the train.

These old photos were of the railroad structures at Cherry Run. The first photograph is the joint B&O/WM passenger station, followed by the freight station. The WM and B&O also shared an office building here as well. This building is the two photos on the bottom. The first photo being the side of the office building facing the WM tracks the other being the B&O side of the building. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for these photos)

Here's the WM telephone booth at Cherry Run. The booth was photographed in 1977 at the east side of the yard. (photo by Mason Cooper) Twenty years later, CSX Z278 passes the site of the old telephone booth that is now long gone. The booth was next to the large tree to the left of the train. (April 1997)

August 10 2017 at Cherry Tun at 1124am we see CSX stack train from Chicago "Q016" coming off the former B&O for the WM at Cherry Run. The connection was changed and the signals were upgraded since I had been back to this location. Q016 weill run up the WM to the new inter-model facility that CSX constructed between Zumbo and Chambersburg, PA. along the Lurgan Subdivision.

A photo of some railroad structures once located at Cherry Run. Today all the railroad buildings are gone. The second photo is of a home that the WM owned. This dwelling would perhaps house railroad workers or the section superintendent. This house still may remain today. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for these photos)

The WM had a small roundhouse and a turntable here at Cherry Run. The roundhouse later burned. After the fire, the WM built a wye in its place to turn locomotives. CSX train D721 comes down the WM near the former site of the roundhouse as it arrives at Cherry Run. The train will continue a short distance to the signals and interlocking at Miller Tower. One at the tower the train will switch over to B&O rails and continue to Cumberland. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for the photo)

A very old photo taken from the WM at Cherry Run. The Cherry Run station is in the distance where a WM train can be seen. WM's roundhouse and turntable are on the right and the B&O mainline is on the left.

CSX train G416 is westbound heading up the WM connection at Cherry Run about the same location as the old photo above. This train is a Wheeling & Lake Erie RR grain train, headed for Hagerstown. Once at Hagerstown the train will continue on Norfolk Southern (N&W) to the ports at Norfolk, VA. Trains such as this were very common later in WM days as the N&W had trackage rights over the WM between Hagerstown and Connellsville.

WM SD35 7435 leads a WM train off the WM West Sub passing signal 106.2 as it enters Cherry Run. This is a WM train that would have continued west on the WM if the line had not been taken out of service by the time this photo was taken. (Mason Cooper photo)

The B&O train having since passed, the WM train starts its trip west on the B&O. (Mason Cooper photo)

The WM track leading away from the Potomac bridge to Cherry Run was once a wooden trestle for many years after the line was constructed. Later, fill would be gradually dumped over the side of the trestle to create the fill that remains today. In the mid-1990's, a CSX train lead by a Conrail locomotive climbs up the WM connection to the bridge over the river. This is the same location as the wooden trestle pictured first.

CSX train D720 leaves the yard limits at Cherry Run as it passes WM signal 106.2 on a May day in 1998.

Looking east over the WM bridge from Cherry Run. (Mason Cooper photo)

An old photo of the original WM bridge over the Potomac. The first photo shows one of the supports were constructed out of stone. Today they are all concrete. The bridge itself is also of a stronger design.

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