Cohill Orchards

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Abandoned WM looking east into the overgrown right-of-way at Deneed Rd. Later, the WMRT had been constructed and the trees cut back.

Deep in the overgrown right-of-way looking west at a former signal location. You can see the amount of improvements that the Western Maryland Rail Trail has accomplished in Spring 2003. This hardly looks like the same location.

The B122 milepost has been repainted for the WMRT in 2003. The next photo is the overpass at the intersection of Seavolt Rd. and Deneed Rd. This photo was taken before any rail trail was began.

A shot from the cab of a WM F7 as it rolls east passing Cohill. Then later in Nov. 2002 at the same location along the WMRT.

WM right-of-way loking east along a home. The home owners have taken pride in their yard and have kept the trees cut back from the pole line. They currently use two poles as a clothes line. The second photo was taken after completion of the WMRT.

WM crossing looking east at Seavolt Rd. Later the WMRT construction had began and would soon be paved and open to public use.

looking east from Seavolt Rd. towards the West End of Round Top passing siding directly ahead.

B121 milepost along the abandoned right-of-way just east of the Seavolt Rd. crossing. Later in 2002 the milepost was repainted when the WMRT was built through here.

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