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The WM crosses Flaugherty Creek for the 3rd time here at the B193 milepost. (10-30-04)

The WM crosses Flaugherty Creek at the B193 milepost west of Warrens Mill. Here a WM whietle sign lays in the creek bed. It is imposible to move it since its still connected to a long rail that was its post. (11-09-04)

Looking back east onto the bridge at the B193. Notice how the crossties are on an angle. This was to keep track speed up to a maximum. Second photo is looking into the longer cut west of the bridge. (11-09-04)

Looking east from the cut then west around the corner and down the right-of-way towards Sand Patch. (11-09-04)

Between the bridge at the B193 and the next westernmost bridge. (11-09-04)

After the cut the WM crosses a little fill near a farm. Beautiful location to get a photo of an eastbound which was led by an SD35 in 1974. The 4th bridge here after the fill is a bit longer than the first 3. This bridge has two spans rather than one. Just around the corner about a mile or so is the East End of Sand Patch. (11-09-04)

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