Aerial photo of the Bowest/Dunbar are courtesy of Jim Coshun.

Looking west towards Bowest just around the bend. (10.17.09)

Parts of the WM pole line still stand along the former right-of-way. These poles are at Bowest. (10.17.09)

A WM battery box and a warning sign still i place next to the now gone Bowest Train Order Office.

Looking east from Bowest. The trail on the right converges onto the WM was once the tracks to Bowest Yard. (10.17.09)

Looking west on the WM mainline in 1968 and much later in 2009. (thanks for Warren Hart for photo)

Mason Cooper has photographed a WM train left by F-units entering Connellsville at Bowest. This shot was taken with a telephoto lens from the B&O's Connellsville Yard.

The fading silver painted thru-truss bridge once carried the WM mainline over the B&O branch line.(10.17.09)

Looking back east over the WM bridge and from the end of the bridge looking west. (10.17.09)

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