City Junction/B168

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A WM train lead by FA2's comes into Cumberland, Md. passing the small yard here at City Jct.

A Evaulation of the Yard Office at City Jct., from May 1918. Same building is also in the 2 photos below. (Thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photos)

Old photo looking over towards City Jct.

An old post card photo shows the early layout of City Jct. The bridge crossing Will's Creek is the C&P's Potomac Wharf Branch. The second photo is of the watchmans shanty that was here at City Jct. The shanty can also be seen in the post card photo as well just east of the diamond. (Thanks to Sam Wilson for the photos)

This bridge was once a connection with the B&O and a small exchange yard near Viaduct Junction. The WM once used this bridge along with trackage rights to reach the former C&P mainline west of the Cumberland Narrows. This bridge crosses Wills Creek. (January 2005)

A very early view of the GC&C roundhouse it was would later be referred to as City Jct. This is a very early photo as it looks if Cumberland is just being settled. (Thanks to Sam Wilson for photo)

Two photos of the George's Creek & Cumberland's former City Jct. Roundhouse that was located across Wills Creek between the GC&C/WM and the C&P and B&O mainlines. Notice in the first photo that the rails have been removed between the turntable and the roundhouse doors at stalls 7,8, and 9, possibly more. Perhaps these photos taken just before the roundhouse was torn down. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photos)

This photo shows the original crossover that the George's Creek and Cumberland Railroad fought to get installed to get over the Cumberland and Pennsylavania Railroad. The two tracks are the WM crossing the single track C&P. The GC&C needed to cross the C&P's Potomac Wharf Branch to gain access into Cumberland and interchange with the C&O Canal and the West Virginia Central & Pittsburg Railroad. The WVC&P would later be purchased by the WM as would the GC&C in order for the WM to have a route west out of Cumberland. (May 1918, thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

Photo of the WM's "Master Carpenters Residence" and some stone and concrete retaining walls west along Rt.40 in the Cumberland Narrows. Thought these two photos were neat enough that others may want to see them or perhaps model after them. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photos)

Looking west at a former concrete base that once held a signal relay. There was no signal here on this base but there was just behing me to the right of the switch that ran across Will Creek to the B&O.

A WM train pulls through City Junction and enters the Narrows as it leaves Cumberland bound for Connellsville, PA. (Brian Paulus Photo)

A WMSR train drifts through the Narrows and into Cumberland on 12-3-11.

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