Confluence Station/B226.4

Confluence Tourism Association

1933 and 2012 topo map

East End of the 174 car capacity siding at Confluence was at the B 225 milepost. Near here at the B225.4 was a connection with the "low Line" of the B&O RR. At the West End of the Confluence Passing Siding/B 226.4 was a station that served as a train order office before CTC was installed between deal and Connellsville. There was also a 10 car station or "team" track here as well.

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Old photo of WM's Confluence Station, tracks, and semaphores. (7-20-1951, thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

Looking west from the previous location where the passing siding rejoined the mainline. The bruch pile to the right of the hiking trail was the former location of the WM Confluence Station in the first photo from 1917. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)
This photo is the Confluence Supervisors Office. Must have been an important job to get it's own building, one would think a room in the station would be adequate. (8-15-1917, thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

A WM Challenger brings a train up the grade passing the ststion in a snow storm. (Unknown photographer)

A string of new hoppers with the yellow rounds the curve eastbound at the Confluence Station. The photo was taken from up on the signal platform. (thanks to Medford Trains for photo)

The tracks/trail passes a oil storage facility before crossing this small bridge. I am told that the bridge crossed the B&O White’s Creek Branch.  This branch left the B&O main in downtown Confluence, paralleled the B&O low grade on the east side of town, passed under the WM just west of the WM Confluence station, ran between the WM and Casselman River to Harnedsville. At Hardensville the branch turned to the right, crossed the Casselman River, and ran along White’s Creek to some mines passed Listonburg. (Thanks to Tom Mitchell for info about the branch line)  Also notice another B&O branch on the 1933 topo map at the top of the webpage. that B&O branch was called the Kendall Branch.

Just west of the Confluence Station the WM crosses the Casselman River.

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