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Looking east down the WM at the crossing of B&O's Mountain Sub. An old WM tell-tale still stands here today. (January 2005)

A B&O GP40 pulls an unusually long consist of cars out of Ridgely to clear the CSX connection switch on April 24, 1991. Second photo was taken at the same location in January 2005. (1991, Brian Paulus Photo)

Looking east and west along the WM from the Lee Street overpass. (January 2005)

This old signal base or relay base stands just west of the Lee St. overpass. The two tracks that run west from the station converge into one here as well. (January 2005)

The B166 milepost can be seen here on the right. This track on the right will soon be removed to make way for the Allegany Highlands Trail. (1-14-05)

WM F7 number 237 leads an F7B into Cumberland at the B166 milepost in 1953. The train is passing the Queen City Brewery. (W.R. Hicks photo)

The old tell-tale still stands over the right-of-way here next to the old site of the Queen City Brewery. (1-14-05)

Looking west from under the B&O's City Junction Viaduct. The old eastbound main track is elevated above the westbound main track. (1-14-05)

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