Frostburg Station/B181.09

The WM had a station at Frostburg that doubled as a train-order office before CTC was installed in the mid 1950's. The WM Station later burned on May 23, 190 after being closed as a passenger station. Up to the fire it was used by track gangs. An 8 car station track was here at the station. Two tracks still passed Frostburg until the line was abandoned in April 1975. The two tracks were part of the passing siding. To the west at the B181.4 was the west end of the two tracks also known on the WM as the Frosburg Interlocking. To the east of WM's Frostburg Station was the Frostburg Crossover at the B180.7.

Today the WM Frostburg Station site is a parking lot for the Allegheny Highlands Trail. A connecting path was constructed up the hill to the C&P Station.

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Construction of WM's Frostburg Station. (thanks to Jim Coshun for photo)
Trackside view of Western Maryland's Frostburg Sation. Photo taken on April 9, 1944. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

Side and front views of WM's Frostburg Station pictured in the 1917 Validation Photos. Photos taken July 24, 1917. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

Looking at the western end of the station. (thanks to Jim Coshun for photo)

West and Eastbound WM passenger trains at the Frostburg Station. (thanks to Jim Coshun for photos)

The photo above is the original newspaper article about the fire of the WM Depot pictured above in the first 3 photos. (thanks to Bob Lemmert for the photo)

Here's a photo of the station the morning of the fire. The entire freight section has burned but you can still make out the operators section of the station. If the intruders would not have set fire to the station, it may have been standing and still in use today similar to how the Meyersdale, PA. Station is. (Ray Wongus Collection of the WMRHS)

The underpass of New Hope Rd. at Frostburg is directly next to the old location of WM's Frostburg Station. The WM Station burned after being closed by the railroad, while the C&P Depot survived. This location is now a parking lot for the Allegheny Highland Trail. (Aug.29, 1996)

A WM coaltrain climbs the 1.75% grade approaching the WM Station in 1957. (thanks to Bob Lemmert for the photo) Second photo is at the same location and pretty much the same angle except the station platform is now gone.

Looking west from the former location of WM's Frostburg Station. The right-of-way is now part of the Allegheny Highlands Trail. The trail at the present time is not completely finished. The second photo above is looking east but moved it now that I can provide a kinda "before and after" look.

This photo was taken from up on the Cumberland & Pennsylavania Railroad at the C&P's Frostburg Depot. The C&P climbs up away and over the WM twice from Switch No.9 to this elevation in only a mile or so. (Fall 2004)

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