1921 and 2012 topo maps

102 car capacity siding

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Looking west at the station and water tank in a very early photo at Garrett. (thanks to Jim Coshun for photo)

Looking west from the current gate of the Allegheny Highlands Trail at Garrett. I was suprised to find this trail not as well kept up, meaning parking, historic info, etc., like the nearby Western Maryland Rail Trail. (11-9-04)

Looking west from inside the gate here at Garrett. The WM also crosses a small stream here at the trailhead. (11-9-04)

WM's Garrett water tank. (thanks to Jim Coshun for photo)

WM's Garrett Station 1917.

Rear view of the former Garrett Station. (8-6-17, thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

Looking west at the overpass for Carrie St.(now Berlin Rd.) on 1917. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

Looking west at the water tower and Motor Car Shed in 1955. The station foundation is still visible too. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

Looking west and then east into the cut from Berlin Road(formerly Carrie St.) at Garrett. The WM cut was filled in at the road and the Allegheny Highlands Trail (AHT) now bypasses around this section. This needs to be corrected in the future to allow for a nicer trail. A parking lot would also be great here next to the former site of the station. (11-9-04)

A WM tell-tale still stands just to the west of the cut at Garrett. This tell-tale warned crews of a low clearence ahead, this being the bridge for Berlin Road that crosses the WM at Garrett. (11-9-04)

A short section west of Berlin Street that crosses the WM is still abandoned and not used as part of the AHT. Here we are looking west at a section of the trail. To the left down the bank is Waterworks Rd. and the Casselman River. The second photo is looking downstream on the Casselman River, notice the bridge piers in the river. The bridge piers lead away from the WM and look as if they connect with the B&O that is on the opposite side of the river. I had recently learned that this was once a B&O route that crossed the river here and ran up the valley to Rockwood and across the bridge to the mines at Gray, PA. All this was done before and as the WM was built. The WM later acquired the B&O trackage and used it as there own abandoning the B&O connection here at Garrett. (11-9-04)

There are two parking lots at each town along the AHT. Here on Waterworks Road/abandoned WM is the western most parking lot. This photo is looking west from the lot. Notice the sign on the fence that reads "NO CELLULAR SIGNAL NEXT 30 MILES". This is because the trail is deep in the Casselman River Valley. (11-9-04)

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