G.C. Jct./B167.8

G.C. Jct. Interlocking was one double track and later reduced into one single track from here up the mountain. Just before heading west over the thru-truss bridge on the WM a line ran off to the left along the hillside. That line was the former mainline of the George's Creek & Cumberland Railroad. The GC&C was purchased in 1907 by the WMRR to gain access west out of Cumberland thru the Narrows.

The GC&C was abandoned west up the mountain to Midland in 1939 but a short stub was left in service here at the bridge to service a oil facilty at Narrows Park.

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WMSR's GP30 502 eases the train down the grade with the dynamic brakes then comes the 734 trailing. The train is nearing G. C. Junction which is just around the bend.

A eastbound WM train is approaching the truss bridge at the western end of the narrows in 1968. (Don Biggs photo)

Looking east towards at the Narrows in this early photo on the "New Line".

Looking east from the west side of the bridge as WM exits the Narrows. (10-31-05)

The WMRHS Convention special crosses the thru-truss bridge as it leaves the Narrows bound for Frostburg on October 30, 2004.

Construction of the bridge over the C&P Eckhart Branch. (3-27-1911)

A postcard shows an early view long gone of the GC&C mainline still in service along the double track WM at Georges Creek Junction. (Thanks to Sam Wilson for photo)

Looking west towards the thru-truss bridge just west of State Line Jct. The first photo is from 1917 and shows the telegraph tower that once controlled the interlocking here at G.C. Jct. (10-31-05)(thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

Two old photos I thought would just be neat to show. The first is the operator controlled switch at George's Creek Jct. The second photo shows the retaining wall that kept the railroad up off the road but more interesting is the Cumerland & Westernport Electric tracks shown below along the road.

Bill Price has caught WM 4-6-6-4 Challenger r/n 1204 starting the climb up the 1.75% grage to Deal. The locomotive is on the G.C. Junction Interlocking, or G.C. Junction Crossover as the line was still double track at the time this photo was taken. I believe after the GC&C RR was removed, G.C. Jct was also removed and the crossover moved a short distance east to State Line Jct. Second photo is looking east from the former location of G.C. Jct. towards State Line Jct. (Bill Price photo)(10-31-05)

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