Mt Savage Interlocking/B177.9

Slabtown or Mt. Savage Interlocking/B177.9 on the WM marked the east end of the double track that ran west to Frostburg. This double track was left to pass trains when the double track mainline from Cumberland to Colmar was removed in the mid 1950's. The signal bridge still stands today, minus the signals themselves, left over from the CTC, or Centeralized Traffic Control that ran from Cumberland to Connellsville.

Around the corner downgrade at the B177.3 was known as Mt. Savage Station Track. At the Mt. Savage location there was a 4 car side track. I'm not sure if there was ever a station. Just to the west at the B177.9 was the switch for the double track.

After CSX gave ownership of the line west from Cumberland to the City of Cumberland sections of track were removed. At one time the eastbound track and switch was intact. This later changed when the Allegheny Highlands Trail was built east from Frostburg. The remaining eastbound track and westbound main track were removed and new crossties and the former WM rails were relaid on the eastbound side to make room for the bike trail.

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The Mt. Savage Station or more like a waiting shed. (Thanks to Jim Coshun for photo)

Mt. Savage telegraph office. (Thanks to Jim Coshun for photo)

Remains of the Mt Savage Interlocking Control box/relays and a pole to the former WM poleline along the right-of-way. (10-09-10)

Looking at the top of what remains of the WM's Mt. Savage Signal Bridge. A control/relay box once sat here along the old pole line. (10-09-10)

The WMSR 734 climbs hard around the curve and under the signal bridge on its way up the 1.75% grade. (10-09-10)

The train rounds the cuve towards Trimble Road and Slabtown, two GP30 pushers follow. (10-09-10)

The pushers pass and head away in a haze of coal and diesel smoke. (10-09-10)

The signal bridge with milepost and westbound main track still intact and in use on August 29, 1996. At the location and time of the photo most of the rails for the eastbound main have been removed however all the crossties aconnection switch still remained.

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