Parkersburg Road/B179

Parkersburg Road Bridge was not a location on the Western Maryland track chart but a popular place to photgraph trains climbing the 1.75% grtade to Colmar and then up to Deal. The location is midway between Frostburg and the East End of the nearly 2 mile double track that ran from Slabtown to the West End of Frostburg.

In the first two photos below the crossties and some rail are still visible on the siding. At first the entire track was in place, but as the years went by rail was pulled up in various places to be used elsewhere. The current tracks of the WMSR have been shifted to the former eastbound main track to make way for the Allegheny Highlands Trail or "Great Allegheny Passage".

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WMSR GP30 2175 is downgrade passing the B179 milepost at the Parkersburg Road Bdride. Earlier 2-8-0 734 climbs up to Frostburg passing the B179.

A WM train climbs the grade on the opposite main track passing the B179 milepost. This track was commonly used for eastbounds. (June 1972, by unknown photographer)

The 2004 WMRHS Convention train climbs up the grade passing under the Parkersburg Rd. bridge. Next the pushers pass under the bridge. (Oct.30, 2004)

With the old track westbound track having been relocated to the old eastbound track I needed some updated photos so added these two. Taken in December 2013 from the road bridge.

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