Rockwood Jct./B208.6

1921 and 2012 topo maps

RJ Tower, train order office, 12 car sidetrack. Was East End of two tracks at Rockwood.

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A WM train in May 1975 is passing under the signal bridge at the East End of Rockwood, also known as Rockwood Jct. The track on the far right is the connection to the B&O. The WM used this connection and trackage rights to reach some track it owned at Gray, Pa. On November 9, 2004 I visited Rockwood Jct. The second photo shows how things have changed. The connection with the B&O is on the right in the trees straight ahead. (unknown photographer for the WM photo)

Ray Wongus photographed the WM tracks and signal bridge in 1984. Except for the trees and overgrowth things seem to all be intact in this photo. (Ray Wongus Collection of the WMRHS)

Old photos from Rockwood Jct. Tower.

Down on the Casselman River looking at the WM bridge that crossed the river to Gray Pa. This line ran up the B&O via trackage rights. (11-09-04)

Out on the bridge that connects to the B&O. Most of the crossties are gone, but a few remain over along the WM leading away from the bridge. (11-09-04)

Looking north from the bridge over the B&O. Here north the line is abandoned. (11-09-04)

Looking west at the B210 milepost. Another WM sign is still in the ground here but in bad shape. It may have once read "35 Cars", referring to the eastern storage track here. A similar sign is at Newgate along the WM. (11-09-04)

A CSX train with pushers passes by heading east on the B&O RR. This photo was taken from the WM and as can seen the WM roadbed was higher up than the B&O's. If the N&W Railrway would have gotten control of the WM, perhaps that Norfolk Southern locomotive would be running on the WM competing with CSX for traffic. (11-09-04)

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