Sand Patch/B194.6


1921 and 2012 topo maps

East End of Sand Patch B193.7 with a 119 car siding. B&O Connection and West End of Sand Patch both at B194.6. Conncetion to the B&O was switched after abandoment of the WM mainline to easier acces the WM track west to the Blue Lick Branch on the WM at Salisbury Viaduct.

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Looking east and west at the road crossing at the East End of Sand Patch. (11-09-04)

The WM crossed Faugherty's Creek this double track bridge. (7-26-17 and 11-09-04)

Looking west from the WM bridge at Sand Patch. (11-09-04)

Further west of the WM bridge almost at the point there the WM and B&O had a connection. (11-09-04)

WM 2-10-0 Decapod 1128 is on a eastbound freight at the west end of the passing siding at Sand Patch on June 26, 1952. (Bill Price photo)

This is about the spot where the WM connected with the B&O. Here are a pair of old signal bases and a battery celler. The original connection with the B&O was for eastbound B&O trains to cross over to the WM. Later after abandoment the connection was reversed to let westbound B&O trains crossover to run west up the WM. This was done for easier acces to WM rails to serve the coal mine on the Blue Lick Branch west of Meyersdale on the old WM mainline. Here we see an eastbound WM train lead by 2-10-0 Decapod 1128 at Keystone. Second photo at the same locarion some 60 years later. (Unkown photographer/date and 11-09-04)

Looking west at the shanty, connection to the B&O and the western end of the passing siding at Sand Patch. (Thanks to Jim Coshun for photo)

Looking east on Aug. 29, 1996 from just west of the B&O connection at Sand Patch and just east of a WM bridge. Later on Nov, 9, 2004 I revisited the same area. I found this WM pole and a recently groomed WM right-of-way.

A slide I had purchased of SD40 7472 leading a N&W grain train at Sand Patch, Pa. The train is rounding the curve and cut and crossing over Faugherty's Creek in 1975. The same location after abandonment in the 1990's can be seen in the two photos above this one.

WM bridge No. 1948 on July 30, 1917. (Thanks to Jim Coshun for photo)

The WM again crossed Faugherty's Creek here at Sand Patch. This photo was taken on Aug, 29, 1996 and this section will soon be part of the Allgheny Highlands Trail.

Another shot of the bridge shows the old "WESTERN MARYLAND RAILWAY" lettering on the bridge that was applied during the steam era. (11-09-04)

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