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WMSR 2-8-0 No. 734 crosses Trimble Rd. as is climbs the 1.75% grade up towards Number 9.

WMSR GP30 r/n 501 is downgrade crossing Trimble Rd. at the East End of the Frostburg Passing Siding. This is the WMSR phtoto freight on its return to Cumberland. The train will stop several places to do photo runbys with the 2-8-0 which is trailing. (Winter 2004)

Workers have removed the westbound main track and will be replacing it where the eastbound main once ran. This is being done to make way for a bike trail that will connect Pittsburg, PA. to Cumberland, MD. (Winter 2005)

A WMSR train drifts down the 1.75% grade in dynamic braking in route to Cumberland. (12-3-11)

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