Warrens Mill/B192.2

5 car sidetrack

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WM bridge 1919 just east of Warrens Mill and the road crossing. (Thanks to Jim Coshun for photo)

Looking east and west at the former WM crossing of Warrens Mill Rd. Just to the west in the second photograph is a short bridge over Flaugherty Creek. This bridge is the first of four short bridges between here and the East End of Sand Patch where there is a fifth and sixth short bridge. (Aug.29, 1996)

WM bridge 1922 was west at Warrens Mill and the road crossing. Same bridge in the photo below. (Thanks to Jim Coshun for photo)

Work has begun here at Warrens Mill on the first bridge over Flaugherty Creek. New deck and railings are being installed for the Allegheny Highlands Trail. (11-09-04)

John F. Bjorklund has caught GP35 3580 with a eastbound train along Deal Road. The train will next cross bridge no 1922 and cross Warren Mill Road. The train is still climbing towards the top of the grade at the East End of Deal 2.5 miles away.

Looking west just around the corner from Warrens Mill. (11-09-04)

Looking west from atop the right-of-way at the second crossing by the WM of Flaugherty Creek. After this bridge the WM goes thru a short cut then curves to yet another crossing of the creek. (11-09-04)

A side shot of the 2nd bridge over the creek. The second photo is looking west into the cut at a wooden post. This post once held a WM oval sign that read "Sand Patch One Mile". (11-09-04)

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