West End of Deal/B190.3

West end of two tracks and a wye to turn steam locomotives that were used as pushers up the grade from Cumberland and Connellsville.

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Looking east and west near the West End of the Deal Passing Siding. This is the crossing of Old Deal Road. In the steam days there was a wye here to turn pushers that would help trains up the grade from Connellsville and Cumberland. The western leg of the wye is still visible on the right in the first photo. (8-29-96)

Looking east from Old Deal Rd during construction of the Allegheny highlands Trail. Again the wye ran off to the right of the road grader in the photograph. (11-09-04)

Bill Price has caught another WM Challenger eastbound passing the West End of Deal near Old Deal Rd.

WM's Deal station in July, 1917. The second photo was taken on November 9, 2004 about the same location as there appears to be a foundation to the right of the roadbed that looks like a station. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photos)

Looking west at the West End of Deal just around the corner from Old Deal Rd. (11-09-04)

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