looking west onto the WM bridge that crossed the Dunbar Creek, a road, and the Pennsylvania RR. The second photo is the remains of a telephone call box at the bridge. (10.17.09)

Down from the f PRR track looking up at the WM bridge long ago as a WM train lead by a 2-10-0 Decapod heads east and the same location in 2009. (Many thanks to Medford Trains for this neat photo/10.17.09)

Another view of the bridge and its WM Speed Lettering. (10.17.09)

Looking east and west from the western end of the bridge. (10.17.09)

Another two views east and west from just off the bridge. (10.17.09)

I climbed up the loose andsteep hillside to get this photo of the bridge. Wonder if there are any train photos out the from this bridge. (10.17.09)

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