Cumberland Valley Rail Road

An early picture of the CVRR Chambersburg Roundhose and Shop Complex. Most of these buildings still stand as of March 2019. The roundhouse is currently "Jims Farmer's Market and the shops look to be used by secured. The shops are to the north side of Grant Street to the west of the CVRR elevated tracks.

Railroad west on the south side of Grant Street was the new CVRR Chambersburg Passenger Station, train shed, and office building.

Post cards of the Chambersburg Station and Offices.

Up on the elevated tracks looking at the CVRR train shed and station.

A CVRR passenger train is stopped at Chambersburg, PA. in 1916.

NS train 16T heads east/north on the former CVRR, PRR, Conrail route thru Chambersburg, PA at 1442 pm on February3, 2019.

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