Cumberland Valley Rail Road
CV Junction/113.8
CV Jct./113.8

RS11 863 takes a train off the B&O and is on the connecting track entering Shockey. Shockey is a concrete business that makes building material here in Winchester.

498 has just came south from Inwood and has arrived in Winchester. 498 is seen here backing some cars into the siding at Shockey. The first car will go on down to the White House apple juice warehouse.

863 is one the point of a light moves south crossing Cives Lane next to Shenandoah Sand. This was the old crossing which has since closed and moved just a few hundred feet south for a new exit ramp for Rt.37 which crosses above the rails here.

709 and 863 take a trains south towards CV Jct at the Cives Lane crossing.

W&W chop nosed geep 403 has just crossed the new road crossing at Cives Lane.

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