Cumberland Valley Rail Road

W&W 498 is passing the Crown Cork & seal Company as it heads towards Winchester.

498 is again seen cresting the small hill here under the Interstate 81 bridge with an empty sand train.

GP9 498 is parked on the main track at Lenore. RS11 863 and 605 are at the same location and are about to depart the W&W Maintenance of way Facility here.

W&W RS11 No.863 is on the WW Work train parked at Lenore.

Here at Lenore the W&W has a transloading facility that has really taken off and increased in size. 403 is on the track to the transloading facility in its early days.

Former N&W GP9 No.498 is crossing Welltown Road and approaching Winchester after having dropped its train, all but 2 cars.

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