Cumberland Valley Rail Road
Slonaker Coal/Winchester

Slonaker Coal Tipple/Winchester

Walking around and looking at the Slonaker Coal Tipple shortly before it was cut up in the spring.

Former Penn Central now Conrail GP38 7866 creeps south and up to the switch alongside the tipple. (Mason Cooper photos)

Two photos at the coal tipple similar to above. The rails were intact somewhat, however parts of various switches and peices of rail were removed here and there. The sections of missing rail were mostly liked used elsewhere on the W&W RR. This 0.6 mile of track was requested for abandonment by the Winchester & Western RR in 2001.

Up on top the tipple looking towards Amherst Street.

Got out to take some photos during the removal of the tipple and tracks.

Heading north from the tipple area the tracks converged from the small yard into 2 tracks and then single track. Notice the stone wall to the left of the roadbed.

Railroad north of the tipple site the rails were simply bulldozed to the side in a twisted pile. They could still be here today but were probably scrapped.

One last look at some rails and a switch stand looking south towards the small yard and coal tipple.

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