Cumberland Valley Rail Road
White House Apple - Winchester/115

White House Apple - Winchester/115

Looking south and north from North Avenue in Winchester. From North ave, the tracks once rain to a station, freight station, and coal tipple along Boscawen and Amherst Streets. The 0.6 mile of track was filed for abandonment in 2001.

The rail layout looking north at the switches alongside the former CVRR mainline.

A W&W set of power has came down to the White House plant to switch out a full Cargill corn syrup car for and empty. The employee will raise the roll up door, unhook the steam line to hear the tank car, then WW will swap out the empty with a full car.

W&W geep 445 is heading south on the former Conrail Winchester Secondary, passing the 115 milepost and about to cross Rt. 522 as it heads to switch the White House plant.

RS11 863 rolls by witha single box car for the warehouse at the White House plant in Winchester. The second photo show 863 backing the boxcar towards the loading dock. the track in the foreground in the first photo once led the the Winchester Cold storage, but is now just a track occasionally used to load scrap from a local scrap dealer.

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