East Portal of Kessler Tunnel/B140.5

East Portal of Kessler Tunnel/B140.5

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This is WM's east portal of Kessler Tunnel. The tunnel is filled with water and the concrete of the east portal is eroding away. The tunnel portal is in really bad shape. If a railtrail would happen to be built here my guess is they would have to reconstruct and pour new concrete to fix the portal before any trail was opened. A water pipe overtop of the portal is the cause of the erosion. (9-16-01)

A close up of the water damage and the drainage pipe ovehead of the tunnel.

A construction photo of railroad workers excavating the the large cut st the east portal of Kessler Tunnel. The right-of-way is indeed down in a deep cut.

Looking west towards the east portal of Kessler Tunnel near the B140 milepost. The cut for the tunnel here is really impressive. It is very deep and looks as if the tunnel could have been longer then it is. This rock slide covers a small portion of the old WM right-of-way. (9-16-01)

Looking west down the WM tracks towards Kessler Tunnel deep in cut in the disatnce. First photo was taken in 1970 by Arthur Bloch. I visited the same location on September 16, 2001. The second photo is what it looks like these days.

First photo was taken by Arthur Bloch in 1970 on the WV side of the 4th crossing bridge with the sign saying "Jerome One Mile", the bridge is in the distance. Second photo is at the same location in the curve looking back west towards the tunnel on September 16, 2001.

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