East Portal of Knobley Tunnel/B163.6

East Portal of Knobley Tunnel/B163.6

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Looking east out of the tunnel and back into the tunnel from the east portal. By now the track had been removed. A work crew is constructing a new power pole just across the WM bridge. There is no drainage problem at this end of the tunnel, like the opposite side. However a great amout of water gushes out of the tunnel down toward the river. (4/98 and 4/01)

At the east portal of Knobley Tunnel. By now the rails are gone, a pile of crossties are to the right of the tunnel. These crossties were once inside the tunnel. A few crossties still remain in place in the foreground. They will be removed shortly as well. (April 1998)

An old photo that is part of a collection by the City of Cumberland. This photo shows a group of people standing on the track at the east portal of Knobley Tunnel. Later in 2001, I took a similr photo, this time the people are gone and so is the track.

The Ridgely Switcher is at the 9th. crossing of the Potomac, about to enter Knobley Tunnel on October 24, 1989 with a 5-car train. Today it's Chessie GP30 4210 doing the work. From the time of this picture it had been nearly 14 years since the last through WM train came by. (Brian Paulus) Then, looking at the same area in 2003 all that remains is the abandoned right-of-way and bridge. These two photos were taken from WV. Rt. 28.

Looking back at Knobley Tunnel from on the bridge over the Potomac River. This bridge was WM's 9th. crossing of the Potomac River on its trip west from Hagerstown, Md. These two photo were taken before and after the rails were removed. (1996 and 2001)

Looking east from just inside the east portal of Knobley Tunnel. This is now the view as the rail trail has been completed. (Nov. 21, 2012)

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