West from Indigo Tunnel/B130

West from Indigo Tunnel/B130

Arthur Bloch has caught a WM train led by N&W GP35 r/n 232 exiting Indigo Tunnel and approaching High Germany road at Little Orleans in February 1971. N&W power was common on WM trains in the 1970's. Rumor was that N&W wanted the WM and that's why Chessie tore it out so fast to keep N&W from acquiring it. Imagine Norfolk Southern Dash 9's running up the Potomac Valley thru Little Orleans. I'm sure CSX would have some competition.

Walking west approaching High Germany Road during the C&O Canal Associations Annual Fall Heritage Hike. A WM poer pole still stands to the right. (11-06-04)

The Western Maryland is high up on the bank above the C&O Canal. The railroad climbs higher up away from the canal as it travels west to Little Orleans. Back at the East Portal of Indigo Tunnel the WM and canal are not that diffrent in elevation. (11-06-04)

The next sequence of photos were taken on May 19, 2005, the same day that Phase 3 of the Western Maryland Rail Trail was dedicated and opened to Pearre. These next photos are of the mile of right-of-way east from the High Germany Road Crossing to Indigo Tunnel recently after a inspection crew cleared the fallen trees as the toke a bulldozer down the right-of-way. They cleared the way for a truck of inspectors who confirmed that the tunnel is in great shape and that a trail could be easily done. Good News for those of us that are trying to save the WM right-of-way from turning over private landowners and being lost forever. Enjoy...

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