East Stickpile Tunnel/B135.5

East Stickpile Tunnel/B135.5

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Looking out from inside Stickpile Tunnel. This is the east portal of the tunnel. Here at the east portal there is also a deep rock cut. From the portal the WM runs east through the cut crossing Kasecamp Rd. before contuning east over the Potomac River.

This photo was taken in the steep rock cut along the approach to the east portal of Stickpile Tunnel. Kasecamp Road in the foreground of the second photo. Kasecamp Road crossed the railroad here just 500 feet from the portal then parallels the right-of-way a bit towards the 2nd Potomac River crossing. The crossties were still intact at the road when these photos were taken in October 2002.

Here is the cut and crossing of Kasecamp Rd mentioned above. A few crossties are still buried at the road, some are poking out of the ground in the photograph.

The grown up right-of-way on the approach to the 2nd river crossing just east of Stickpile Tunnel. The second picture is the old remains of the Carrol Sawmill, one of the first sawmills to be built in the area to cut and transform the timber. The Carrol Chimney is just a mile or so up Carrol Road from Stickpile Tunnel.

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