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The Blue Mountain station perhaps in 1917-1918. Blue Mountain was a second stop for the nearby Pen Map Park which was built and operated by the Western Maryland Railroad. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for the photos)

Jared Wagaman submitted these pictures and information of the Blue Mountain House which was constructed in 1883 near Pen Mar Park. Jared writes, "It was approx. 500 ft long and held 500 guests. It had a ball room, dining room, bowling alley and more! It was located 1 mile south of the park".

"Many famous people stayed here including several presidents. Water was supplied from nearby Glen Afton Springs. Gas lamps lit the walkways from the hotel to the park and the Blue Mountain Station. On August 5th 1913 the hotel was destroyed by a fire. It was proposed to build another larger hotel, but that never happened".

Jared hiked to the location of the hotel on the 100th anniversary of the fire. At the location Jared found a large stone foundation, plus some old chimneys and the reservoir.

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