Chewsville/B81.6 Chewsville/B81.6

Two sets of block signals were on eitherside of Chewsville, those signals were 812/813 and 818/819.

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CSX D799 eastbound at Gun Club Road. (June 1998)

D799 eastbound approaching Warrenfeltz Lane. (May 1998)

B702 heading for Highfield on February 9, 2019 at 0935 crossing Warrenfeltz Lane..

CSX D795 is pulling hard up the 1.40% grade out of Security approaching the Hager Block at Travinger Mille Road. (May 1998)

D795 crosses Route 62 near Chewsville. (June 1998)

CSX D799 passes the original WM milepost here at Chewsville. The milepost is the rusted rail to the right of the locomotive. CSX has moved the newer type of milepost east up the track a ways. (June 1998)

D795 eastbound at Chewsville. Notice all the vines growing on the old WM poleline. (May 1998)

795 passes the new location of the 105 milepost at Chewsville in 2005. CSX had taken down all of the WM polelines along the track east of Hagerstown.

D798 at the "CSX Hanover Sub B105 milepost" on January 26, 2019 at 0924 am. The Hanover Sub is a much longer route from Baltimore to Hagerstown. When the east Sub between Emory Grove and Highfield was sold, the mileposts were changed. The B105 is actually at Big Pool Jct on the West Sub, so considerable miles were added to a trip from Baltimore to Cherry Run. This milepost would most likely have been the B82, by way of the East sub from Baltimore.

D795 passing the homes at Chewsville, Md. (June 1998)

B702 is returning to Hagerstown from Highfield passing thru Chewsville on February 9, 2019 at 1155.

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