Edgemont/B75.3 Edgemont/B75.3

Notice the Waynesboro Branch is still shown on the topo map above. Edgemont was the western end of a section of double track that ran east to Pen Mar. Signals 753 and 753 were here at the western end of the double track at Edgemont.

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An unknown photographer had caught a WM train climbing up the mountain crossing the bridge at Raven Rock Hollow on May 5, 1974. I photographed CSX train D795 at the same bridge in May of 1998.

D799 passes the new milepost at Leathers Road. I call these "new mileposts" because they are the miles from Baltimore by way of the Hanover Sub which is longer. The WM had the original mileposts numbered for the miles from Baltimore by way of the shorter East Sub.

Looking east up the grade from the rear of a steam train that has just passed the Edgemont Station and switch for the Waynesboro Branch. The next photo D795 climbs Pen Mar Grade crosses the same bridge as comes into Edgemont. (thanks to Jeremy Gates for the old photo)

Looking railroad east up the tracks of the East Sub towards Highfield from the road crossing in the previous photo. The road to the left in this photo was once the roadbed of WM's Waynesboro Branch. The branch was cut back from the connection here at Edgemont then again twice various years stopping at Waynesboro, PA. The branchline was in service into the Chessie era then abandoned in the 1980's. (2014, Jarad Wagaman photo and thanks to Jeremy gates for the old photo)

The Edgemont water tower and turntable. (thanks to Jeremy Gates and Jarad Wagman for the old photos)

Two views of the Edgemont Station. (thanks to Jeremy Gates for the old photos)

The Edgemont tool hose, toilet, and coal house in July 1918. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for these photos)

D798 climbs the hill at Edgemont on January 26, 2019 at 0941 am. The Waynesboro Branch ran off to the right on now what is a road..

CSX train D799 crosses Edgemont Road in May 1998.

Getting stuck behind slow cars all the way from Cavetown allowed B708 to stay ahead of me and beat me to the crossing here east of Edgemont. February 9, 2019 at 0957

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